Lynly Co.

Workpiece Positioners

These units will accurately, quickly, and repeatedly position your work piece for machining, welding, assembly, etc. The work piece can be quickly returned to any of the preset positions. The controls are self contained or can be integrated with your current system. The unit is contained on an aluminum jig plate for quick and easy mounting or dismounting from your machine. The units consist of a positioner assembly, a pneumatic vise, steady rests, and a removable ejector cylinder and chute for small parts. The positioner assembly consists of a clamping back-stop bar, which holds the tooling rods for part positioning, and a shuttle containing the tooling rod stop button and the work piece stop rod. The shuttle rides on two guide shafts with four ball bushings to provide precise positioning. The shuttle brakes can lock the shuttle at any position. The length of the tooling rods determine the stop points. They are made of inexpensive 1/2" dia. Crs. Each unit comes equipped with rod holders capable of storing up to 75 rods. Steel parts are protected with a black oxide finish.

Our standard unit is designed for small mill-drills. It can be setup to make up to seven stop positions totaling 31 " of travel. The aluminum base plate is 1/2 x 10 x 60". The shuttle rides on 1/2" dia Thomson guide shafts. The vise is 6 inches wide, opens 6.5 inches, and is easily adjusted using a single locking handle. The clamping force is sufficient for drilling or light milling with an 80 psi  air supply.